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Friday, March 20, 2009

KMART and Glamour is celebrating and....


And to make make things better, March 15-21 is double coupons deal (yes in Fort Smith too) I found lots of great deals with the double coupon deals at Kmart!

Glamour is celebrating its Platinum Anniversary by giving you one hot deal. Shop at Kmart from 3/10-4/30 at your local Kmart store. Spend more than $50 and you will get one $25 Kmart gift card back via mail. All you need to do is mail them your original receipt. Receipts must be mailed by 5/13. As I read the details of the offer, it seems the offer is incremental, meaning you could spend $100 and get two $25 gift cards back. The offer doesn’t say anything about the $50 being before or after coupons. If you are interested in the answer of that question I suggest you contact Glamour Magazine directly, as this is their offer not Kmart’s.

This an awesome offer to get back some of the money you may spend next week at Kmart during Super Doubles. Get the address where you need to mail out your original receipts here.

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