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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did you snag the free sample of Cottonelle Tissue & Wipes? Here are the great deals I got recently~

Coupon Lingos can be found in my previous post or view blog, look to the right under labels, click on couponing 101 & search for 'Coupon Lingo'. Here are some of the things that arrived in my mail box in the last few days along with the deals I got today at Walgreens. Alot of times when you request for free samples, there is a chance that a high dollar coupon comes along with the sample. I thought I was only getting 1 free sample of the Vaseline lotion but as you can see the box came with 2 bottles of lotion along with (2) $1.50 coupons. (Doubles to $3.00 ea. during Kmart's double coupon week!) Here is the Cottonelle tissue & wipe sample that I posted a while back. I plan to put that small roll of tissue in the van for those emergency bathroom stops (the ones where you find that there's no toilet paper in any of the stalls!) Here is the 1st free Redbook Magazine that I got which was filled with great coupons~! I don't have time to read these magzines but I get the coupons & my oldest daughter grabs the magazine :-) Here is the Gumout Fuel System Cleaner I posted a few days ago from Auto Zone for $6.99. After the mail in rebate it will be FREE~~ I LOVE IT~ I got one for my oldest daughter too! I was totally ecstatic when I checked out at Walgreens today! Here's the deals I got today: #1) 12oz Surface & Air on sale for $2.99 I bought 3 = $8.97 -BoGo MFC -$2.99 -(2)$2.00/1 MFC -$4.00 -$1ea with ESRs (offer #20) (pic of ESR book to the left) =FREE + $1.02 overage~ WOOT!!! #2) Schick Disposable Razors (3 types) on sale for $6.99 I bought (4) Schick Xtreme 3 = $27.96 -(2)BoGo MFC - $13.98 -$2 IVC each - $8.00 -(2) $3.00/1 MFC (for the ones you're not getting free) -$6.00 =FREE with $.02 overage~ WOOT WOOT! I noticed in the parking lot that one of the $3.00 coupons hadn't rung up so I went back in and the mgr. was kind enough to refund me $3.00. #3) I snagged the last Gillette 3x protection deodorant orig. $3.99, on sale for $2.19 -$1.00 coupon = $1.19 this is for my son. My subtotal is $6.15 + $3.62 tax = $9.77 Total -$3.00 (that the mgr gave back to me for the coupon that didn't go through) = $6.77 - $3.00 I will get back from ESRB book (offer #20) for the 3 Ousts =$3.77 GRAND TOTAL OOP with $3.62 of that being tax!!!!!! ($0.15 total if it weren't for tax~~) The receipt to the left is where I went back in and was reimbursed for the $3.00 coupon that didn't ring up but was found with all my other coupons. **Note, I do not list all the deals from Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and other stores that other frugal mom sites do because to many times I have found that the deals that other sites have in their states aren't the same nationwide. For example, some stores (not in FSM) had Mentos Gum on sale + after a MFC (manufactures coupon) it would have = free. Not so in my town, it would have been cheap ($.024) but not free. So due to that fact I will usually list finds that I actually have done or am pretty sure about. There are no guarantees.

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