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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In my mail today I got $40 in gift cards & $30 TL in checks for FREE

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I got my Gift Cards today just for trying Complete Home FREE for 30 days (credit card was required)!! I signed and when I received the membership details the form for the gift cards were enclosed. All I had to do was fill it out an mail it in. I am still in my 30 FREE trail period so I will cancel within the next few days so my credit card doesn't get charged. Last month I got a $30 Staple Gift Card for trying Privacy Guard and a $20 Target Gift Card (which I had posted) for trying another program out. ***RIGHT NOW you can try Complete home to try for 1 month at $1.00 with no obligation to continue plus get a $20 Lowe's Gift Card when you respond to the online form they'll send you! HERE I signed up to try a program called Reputation Defender (???) free for 30 days. For trying the program and after ordering anything from PizzaHut.com I would get $20.00 cash back. Well I ordered a lg veggie pizza + hamburger and after the mfc I used the total came to $19.77. Pizza Hut sent me a confirmation for my order, I forwarded that email to the address that the program gave me and qualified for the $20 cash back. Click HERE to see the post on how to get the $20 back for ordering food from Pizza Hut. (click on pic to enlarge) When I was done with my order there was an ad on the Pizza Hut page that I could get $10 back for trying a program called Shopper Discounts & Rewards + an order off of Pizza.com. Well I had already ordered a pizza, so I forwarded the same Pizza Hut confirmation email to the address that the program sent me and I qualified. I got both checks today!!! So I got a total of $40 in gift cards and $30 in cash = $70!!!!! WOO HOO!!! (click on pic to the left to enlarge) Easy Peasy!!!!!!!

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