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Friday, May 14, 2010

My great deals

Did you use use those Schick or Scotch Brite coupons to get those free razors and scrubbing pads for FREE at Wal Mart that I had previously blogged about HERE and HERE? Coupons are like money, if you don't use them you're throwing away money.  I had received a $6 coupon on any McNeil product since they had a med. recall which included my child's chewable Moltrin so I got the Benedryl for only $.048!  Razors and scrubbing pads were FREE!!! I got three packs with 12 razors in them each. The subtotal should have come to $29.40 - $22.00 in coupons and my total only came to $7.40
WOOT! (pic of savings on receipt below)

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