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Monday, June 20, 2011

Survey Savvy is accepting new members right now! Get paid cash doing surveys

I've been with Survey Savvy for a few years now. What I really like about Survey Savvy is the minimum payout is only $1! This means that when your balance = to $1.00 you can request a check. Most other companies require at least $10. 
  1. You get incentives for every survey you complete.
  2. You get incentives for every survey your referrals complete.
  3. You get incentives for every survey your referrals' referrals complete.
Survey Savvy, we target various demographic groups according to criteria established by our clients. As soon as your profile matches the criteria for a specific survey, we will invite you via email to participate. If you qualify for and complete the survey, we will credit your SurveySavvy account for the amount mentioned in your invitation. You can then request payment by logging-in to the member's area and clicking on "Request a Payment". Payment is made by check and will be sent to your registered address.
If  you are interested in joining Survey Savvy, head over HERE and get started with registration!

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