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Monday, August 1, 2011

Join Recycle Bank, a program that rewards you for recycling and making the world a little greener

What is Recycle bank? They are a group of passionate people that believes…

An individual has the power to change the world. A united community is more powerful than the sum of its parts. The world is at its best when none of its elements go to waste. More importantly, they're a group of passionate people that makes these things happen every day. And it’s all through one pretty simple approach: You take small actions. They give you everyday rewards. The world gets greener.

They reward you for pledging to use less energy, increasing at home recycling, or just learning about how to make your home and neighborhood "greener".  You get rewarded with grocery store savings, drugstore coupons, and discounts on brands you buy everyday.
This way, you reap the rewards of not only brightening your community and helping your environment, but also truly benefit from meaningful savings.Head over HERE to sign up for our FREE membership and start reaping the rewards while making our world a greener place!

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