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Monday, March 30, 2009

Free PC Tune-Up From Staples (Through 04/04/09)

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Computers running sluggishly but don't have the budget to replace them yet?

Staples, Inc. has announced it will be performing free PC tune-ups, a $29.99 value, at all 1,500 U.S. stores through April 4, 2009, in response to surging demand from customers to improve the performance of their aging PCs.

The Staples PC tune-up, conducted by certified in-store technicians, addresses the most common issues impacting computer performance by:

* Cleaning out system clutter and eliminating unnecessary files

* Optimizing platform Windows performance

* Organizing files on hard drives by defragmenting files

* Suggesting low-cost ways to upgrade disk storage and memory

* Identifying security vulnerabilities such as outdated virus definitions, the absence of firewall software, and lack of e-mail filters

Customers will receive a full Tune-up report that includes a comprehensive system analysis, a detailed list of services performed, and suggestions for further improving performance. With the free PC tune-up, customers can identify ways to extend the life of their current computers with low-cost performance upgrades.

View the deal HERE in the Staples Weekly AD

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