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Monday, March 30, 2009

Q & A Coupon Fruad by A Thrifty Mom

Q&A- Coupon Fraud?

Posted: 29 Mar 2009 08:17 PM PDT

Question: I was purchasing cereal and using coupons, but the cashier said I was committing 'coupon fraud' because I wasn't purchasing the items pictured on the coupon. I told her that if it scans, then the store will be paid for the coupon. But she continued to cancel my items and coupon and said I could go exchange for the pictured items. Who was right?
Answer: I to have had cashiers refuse to even scan my coupons because the photo does not match up. When this has happened I have asked for a manager, and then I have been able to use the coupon. But sometimes even the manager is not sure what the rules are. I decided to become a better informed coupon shopper and find the answer out for myself. This is what I have found...
How to know if the coupon you have, will work on a product.
Most of use match up the picture on the coupon to the product we want to buy. What we don't know is, most the time that coupon will work for more than one item in that product line. The company will normally put the photo of the most expensive item, so we match the photo with the item, not knowing any other way. If you ever have a coupon and you want to see if it will work for an item look at the bar code on the coupon and the item. If the first 5 numbers match ( in photo 18000) then in most cases you are able to use that coupon for that item. If it scans with no "beeping" it will work.Make sure you read the wording on the coupon, and buy the correct size or number of items. When the wording on a coupon is vague this is a great tool to help you understand coupons. A few weeks ago I had a $5 Huggies gentle care coupon, It was for $5 off huggies gentle care diaper care products. I had one cashier tell me it was only for diapers and I could not use it on wipes. SO I called Huggies customer care line and asked them. She said as long as it did not "exclude the item" and it scanned then I could use the coupon. She did say that they leave it up to the store to decided if they will expect the coupon or not. So if they scan it and the Register does not beep, the store will get paid for that coupon. But in the end it is up to the store to decided it they will let you use it or not. When ever you aren't sure ask the manager to scan you coupon to see it is a "match" or call the products Customer service line and ask if you can use that coupon. I always try to "play by the rules" and be honest. I have found it is always best to ask what the rules are both from the Manufacturer and the store. I hope this information helps you all become more informed coupon shoppers!

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