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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WOO HOO! I qualified for Nike Product testing!!

I signed up about a month ago to test and keep Nike products. You have to fall in to a certain category which mine would be testing products for my lil' one. Well today I got the following email from them:
Congratulations! You have met the initial screening criteria to become a Nike Product Tester!

Parents: Due to your child’s minor status, please print, read, initial, and sign the attached Agreement, Release and Waiver form. Please remember to include your initials on page 1 and signature on page 2.

Return both pages to Nike, Inc. via U.S. mail or Facsimile or pdf attachment within 10 Business Days to the following addresses:


- OR-

Reply to:


-OR- US Mail to:

NIKE, Inc. Attn: NIKE Product Testing, MH-3 (ARW) xxxxxxxx

*You will be unable to participate in Nike Product Testing until we receive the Agreement, Release and Waiver form.

Note: File attached. If you did not receive the Agreement, Release, and Waiver Form, please contact us at the e-mail address below for a replacement.

Sincerely, Nike Product Testing producttesting@xxxxx

They are currently not accepting kids applications however, check back often for when they start accepting them again at their site HERE

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